What You Need to Prepare for an Overnight desert safari Dubai?

Overnight desert safari Dubai

Those who fantasize about adventure in the dark or exploring unknown places in the moonlight should definitely try the Overnight Desert Safari tour.  There are so many exciting activities to try here and to top it off, you also have the opportunity to experience a night camping experience in luxury tents and observe the starlit skies, which makes one feel like they are in heaven.

Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for a comfortable and relaxing experience on this desert safari overnight tour. Be sure to read it to the end.

How to Prepare For the Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Here are some helpful suggestions to follow when preparing for an overnight safari tour in Dubai:

Book a Tour With a Reputable Company

This is the most important suggestion and one that matters a lot as well. You need to Choose A Reliable Dubai Desert Safari Operator for this tour. There are so many companies offering safari tours, and the quality of services varies a lot among them.

Do some online research to find the top companies and read customer reviews to understand what others say about them. Just because a company sometimes offers lower prices doesn’t mean its services are good.

Since you’ll be spending the night in the desert, please ensure that the company offers a pick-and-drop service and luxury tents with the necessary facilities (e.g., washroom, air conditioner, beds). You can also choose Private camping for a luxury and VIP experience.

Remember to book in advance during peak seasons to avoid last-minute price hikes.

Understand the Itinerary and the Rules of Safari

After choosing a tour operator for your overnight desert safari adventure, familiarize yourself with the itinerary. This includes knowing the pickup timings in the city, the activities to enjoy here, and any restrictions so you can prepare accordingly.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes for the overnight safari tour. For men, trousers and an open-neck shirt are best, with sandals or shoes. These are suitable if you plan on riding a quad bike or camel. Ladies can wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, or long skirts to protect their arms and legs, and hats and scarves are recommended for protection of the head and face. Don’t wear heels as they are suitable for walking in the desert.

Pack sweaters, jackets, or shawls since the nights in Dubai deserts get cold, even during the summer months.

Pack a Few Other Essential Items

Pack a Few Other Essential Items

Remember to pack a few other essential items for your overnight stay in the desert. These include pillows, as well as earplugs or eye masks for comfortable sleep at night. Further, take your medications if you have any, water bottles, and hard cash to buy souvenirs in the desert. Bring a small bag where you can safely put all these items.

Charge Your Camera and Smartphone Devices

Never go on a safari tour without a camera device, whether a DSLR or a mobile, to capture the beautiful desert scenery and memorable moments of the tour. More importantly, fully charge these devices while in the city so you don’t run out of battery. For DSLRs, pack some extra batteries, and for mobiles, keep a power bank. 

Avoid Eating Heavy Meals Before Safari

Avoid eating heavy meals or food items before the safari. You’ll participate in several adventure activities, like dune bashing and quad biking, which might give a nauseating feeling. Besides, you’ll eventually eat BBQ dinner later at night at the campsite, so there’s no need to fill yourself too much before the tour.

Follow the Safety Instructions

For your own sake and well-being, follow the safety instructions given by the ‘Guided Experts’ before the safari tour starts. They’ll probably ask you to wear the safety equipment provided and drive on the designated paths at the speed limit. If this is your first time on a safari tour, then pay special attention to these instructions and don’t do anything reckless.

If you plan on exploring at night and seeing how the desert looks under the moon, then remember to bring torches or turn ‘ON’ the headlights on 4×4 vehicles and quad bikes to guide your way, and don’t get lost.


A desert safari overnight promises to be one of your most memorable experiences. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to stargazing, the Arabian desert has it all. You are in for a magical night and morning. Remember to come prepared beforehand and follow the 7 tips we have highlighted above.

If you are interested in other desert tours you can also book an Evening Desert Safari or a Morning safari. Both offer the same experience, only the timing of the day is different.

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