5 Tips for an Exciting Evening Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Evening Desert Safari

Those of you who are visiting Dubai for the first time should definitely try the Evening Desert Safari adventure. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy here like dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and even traditional Emirati dance performances at the campsite.

Whether you like thrill and adventure or just want to relax in the peaceful desert environment, you will find this tour to your liking.

To get the most out of your Evening Safari Dubai tour and have a memorable experience here are five tips you need to remember.

5 Tips to Remember for an Exciting and Fun Evening Desert Safari Tour

Here are top tips for those planning to explore the vast dunes of Dubai on an evening safari tour:

Always Book a Tour from a Reputable Tour Company

To avoid any hassle in the future and get the best quality services on your evening safari adventure, book with a well-reputed company with several years of experience conducting such tours.

Do online research to find top tour companies and see their customer reviews to judge their level of service. Check out their package details to compare prices and see which one meets your budget requirements and the services you desire. You can also seek recommendations about safari companies from your friends and relatives if they have been on such tours before.

Travel During the Winter Months for the Best Experience

When visiting the Dubai desert, it is best to do so during the peak season, which is between November and March. In these winter months, the temperature barely goes above 35 degrees Celsius thus providing the ideal climate for exploring the desert. An evening desert safari is the best time since the temperature begins to fall as night falls. There will also be a magical sunset to enjoy.

Bring Along Your Camera to Desert Views

Bring Along Your Camera to Desert Views

When talking about sunset views, one must never miss them when going on an evening Dubai safari tour. Bring your camera to capture the views and the beautiful desert scenery you will witness on your tour.

Even though DSLR is best for photography, but if you don’t have that your smartphone will do just fine. Be sure to charge it to 100% battery so you never run out. Further, your tour guide can better tell you about the ideal desert spot with the best views and shots.

Make Sure You Follow The Instructions Correctly

When you are on a Desert Safari Adventure, you must listen to your instructor in order to remain safe. Always pay attention to your guides, drivers, and experienced instructors, especially if you are going on desert adventure rides like sandboarding, quad biking, dune bashing, and camel rides.  

These guides know what dangers such rides pose and how one can protect themselves from potential injuries. If you face any difficulty, you can call these guides, and they will help you. 

Use a Sunscreen Lotion For Your Skin

To avoid sunburns, sun damage, or even exposure to the sun, you need to carry sunscreen cream to the desert. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your skin exposed to the sun before you depart on your desert adventure. As a result of the harsh climate in Dubai, it is recommended that you use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


An Evening Desert Safari is a must-do activity if you are traveling to Dubai for the first time on vacation. These tours last 6-7 hours and you can enjoy many activities here, from adventure rides to cultural dance shows. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are short on time and not free during the evening you opt for the Morning Safari tour which takes place around 8-9:00 AM in the daytime or if you like exploring wild areas in the dark you can choose an Overnight Desert Safari tour. 

Bilal Mohsin

Bilal Mohsin

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Bilal Mohsin
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