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The only thing the website mentions is the security of the users. The sole owner of this privacy statement is Desert Planet Tourism LLC. Customer safety is our priority, and as part of our policy, we put our client’s needs, including website owners’ and website proprietors’ rights, first. This approach also includes the way this website keeps and secures customer documents.
This website and its sole owners employ a pragmatic approach to client safety and ensure that dynamic travel has taken the necessary precautions to affirm the security of its clients throughout their exciting travel experiences. This website complies with and abides by all UAE laws and other relevant regulations for the protection of its users.
Cookies are used on this website to strengthen customer connections. Where relevant, this site employs an ordered framework of cookies to approve the customer’s first visit to the website. It also allows them to permit or avoid using cookies on their computers or other smart devices. Customers are informed that if they desire to prohibit the use of cookies and the sharing of cookies from the website, they must do so through the web program’s privacy settings. This website employs tracking software and software produced under Google Analytics, which uses cookies to measure user activity. This software puts a cookie on your computer’s storage device to follow and monitor your movement and whatever you do when consuming and using the website. Still, it does not retain or collect specific data. If you have any queries, you should read Google’s security agreement. In any event, we do not collect or save any data for future reference.
Your private data is kept secret and safely in our database, and that data is only for the period required by the Data Protection Act 1998. Blue Planet Tourism offers the best Desert Safari Dubai prices.
We communicate and use current information via email, and subscribers are kept up to date via our products and services offered via this website. Willing complete clients can subscribe through our online designed approach. All of our memberships adhere to UAE Spam Laws.
A third party took the photographs. Desert Planet Tourism LLC owns all of the content. The site should not be considered responsible for any injury at any given time. SPONSORED LINKS AND ADVERTISEMENTS This website contains advertising and a few sponsored links, usually facilitated by our advertising contacts, who adhere to privacy policies about the commercials they run. When you click a link or an advertisement, it will take you to their main advertising page. This may also include the consumption of cookies, which may be saved on your computer’s hard drive. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Clients are recommended to use online networking platforms cautiously, contribute with a receptive attitude, and carefully communicate personal or sensitive information through online networking platforms. It is strongly advised to share information through a reliable and trustworthy route.
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