Best Time to Go on a Desert Ride in Dubai

Desert Ride Dubai

In Dubai desert adventures like safaris and sports rides are very popular among tourists and locals. These tours allow us to explore the natural landscape of the city and discover a completely new side that hardly anyone knows about.  If you’re tired of the usual city sights and crowds, consider a Desert Ride Dubai tour with friends and loved ones for a refreshing escape into nature.

For those who have never been on such an adventure before, here is a brief guide regarding the best time to go on Dubai desert tours.

Best Times to Go on Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Here are the best times to go on desert safari and adventure tours in Dubai while on vacation:

October to November (Winter Season The Most Optimal Time)

Winter season, particularly from October to November, is best for desert tours. During this time, the temperatures are cool and warm at most times of the day, usually between (15-32 degrees Celsius). Therefore, it is easy to explore on quad bikes and camels and try other exciting activities in the desert without having to worry about getting sunburned or heat strokes.

April and May (Shoulder Season)

The months of April and May are also suitable for desert adventures in Dubai, although the peak temperature in these months is 27-36 degrees Celsius which is warm/hot. The best thing about going on desert safaris in these months is you get discounted prices because not many tourists visit around this time and companies slash their prices.

Due to low crowds, warm weather, and discounted prices, these months are also best for desert safari tours. If you are going on a desert safari for the first time then please Read our Ultimate Guide To Desert Safari Dubai and learn everything there is to know about this exciting trip along with helpful tips.

Best Times of the Day for Desert Safari Tours

Here are the best times of the day during which you can enjoy desert safari tours:

Early Morning

The morning time around 8-9:00 AM is best for desert safari tours because the temperatures are cooler and there are hardly any other tourists around. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a fun and relaxing time exploring the area. Further, the sunrise views at the time are a must-watch. Keep your cameras ready to capture the beautiful scenery as the desert transforms into something heavenly.

Tour companies offer Morning Desert Safari packages that tourists can book and customise according to their preferences. The main activities here include 4×4 dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides, sandboarding, and Arabian breakfast. The refreshments and drinks are complimentary.

Evening Time (Around Sunset)

Evening Time (Around Sunset)

The evening time, 5-6:00 PM, is also very popular for desert safari tours. The evening time offers the best desert views as the sun goes down, plus the temperatures are also cool to warm and there you can have a comfortable experience exploring around.

Tour companies offer Evening Safari packages that you can book and customize as per your preferences. Compared to the Morning safari, the evening safari has more activities and lasts for a longer duration too. The main ones include 4×4 dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, sunset photography, campsite entertainment (Dance shows), and BBQ buffet dinner.

Evening tours are more crowded and cost more as well because of the number of activities involved.

Night Time

Those who like adventure and camping in the dark will find it delightful to hear that they can enjoy such activities in Dubai desert safaris. The Overnight desert safari package is particularly designed to allow tourists to explore the desert at night time while camping and enjoying stargazing activities. They can sleep at night and later wake up to beautiful sunrise views in the morning. 

The overnight safari activities are the same as the evening ones, except sleeping in camp at night and enjoying a bonfire. The best thing about overnight desert tours is that you don’t have to worry about high temperatures, and you can even go during hot summer months; the experience is rather comfortable.

However, during the winter months, the desert can get quite cold, so it’s advisable to bring blankets and warm clothing to stay comfortable throughout the night.

For more information on suitable packages for all safari tours, please read our Guide To Dubai Desert Safari Best Options.


These are the best times to go on desert adventure tours in Dubai. Whatever you decide comes down to the personal preferences. If you are planning such a tour with family and close friends and having difficulty deciding then call our helpline at Desert Planet Tourism and talk to our representative and maybe they can help you.

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