Ultimate Guide to Desert Safari Dubai: What to Expect and How to Prepare?

Ultimate Guide to Desert Safari Dubai: What to Expect and How to Prepare?

Are you visiting Dubai and looking to try something different rather than going shopping, or visiting the beaches? Some where its peaceful and quiet? Well, then why don’t you try the Desert Safari Dubai and explore the beautiful surroundings of the city and experience the rich cultural heritage of the region. 

There are a ton of exciting and adventurous activities to do here, like 4×4 dune bashing, ATV quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. Besides these, the cultural entertainment at the campsite is also popular, including Tanoura dance, Belly dance, fire shows, and a delicious BBQ dinner to end the tour. All these events and activities make for a memorable retreat with family and friends. 

Here is a detailed guide to everything you need to know regarding desert safari tours in Dubai. We have outlined the main safari activities and types and how to prepare for them. Be sure to read till the end. Let’s get started.

What Are Desert Safari Dubai Tours?

A desert safari is a must do adventure for those visiting Dubai and looking for something fun and adventurous in nature. These tours take place in the vast deserts surrounding the city and the visitors can explore these deserts and discover their wonders through various means such as dune bashing, quad biking and camel rides.

These tours present the perfect opportunity to experience the region’s rich culture and enjoy the locals’ hospitality. You can also learn about the history of the area and understand how Dubai became metropolis that everyone knows today, because the whole region was just a barren land just a few decades ago.

You can book desert safaris from top-rated tour companies in the city at very reasonable prices. However, if you are visiting the city with an agency, they might be able to arrange one for the group. Tourists also have the option to customize the tours and include the activities they like. The camping facilities are also different, with the option to choose between private and shared ones, which we will discuss later.

Here is a brief overview of Dubai safari tour and what it involves. Let’s discuss some other details as well.

What to Expect on Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

As mentioned, the adventure desert safari Dubai trip offers countless activities that make the whole journey quite exciting and memorable. Here are main activities to expect here and what they involve:

4×4 Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the most popular safari activity. It involves driving a Landcruiser or any other popular 4×4 vehicle at high speeds through rough and bumpy desert terrain. The experience is quite thrilling and exciting, as one would expect. It might feel like riding a roller coaster.

Everyone can enjoy a dune-bashing ride, even children because it’s completely safe. Just remember to fasten the safety belts. Guests have the option to go on a self-drive tour or hire an expert driver in case they are not familiar with the desert and how to drive here. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

ATV Quad Biking

ATVs, commonly known as All-terrain vehicles, are four-wheel bikes designed for driving on rough desert surfaces. The experience is similar to dune bashing but maybe even more thrilling because these are open vehicles, and one can feel the sensation of winds striking the face.

You can test out your driving skills and also see the scenic beauty of the region when driving quad bikes.

Unlike dune bashing, these vehicles are not suitable for children, and only expert drivers should handle them. Those who don’t know much about them can ask the tour guides available on the site for guidance.


Sandboarding is another exciting desert adventure tourists like to try on safari tours. It’s similar to snowboarding but is done in completely different settings. Here, a person surfs down from a steep dune while using a wooden or special board while trying to maintain balance.

You can say it’s a combination of skating, snowboarding and surfing that one gets to enjoy in on a desert trip Dubai rather than going to the sea.

Camel Riding

The desert safari tours also offer many cultural activities, making the overall experience even more exciting. Camel riding is the most popular of these activities, and these slow and bumpy rides take the visitors back to the old days when the locals used to travel in these areas on camels, and it was their entire livelihood.

By riding these animals, visitors can experience what life was like in the past and why the locals have preserved it.

Pick and Drop Services

Many tour companies in Dubai even offer pick-and-drop services from the city to the desert where the safari tour takes place. If you don’t have a conveyance of your own, you can add these services to the package.

Photographic Opportunities

Besides thrilling activities, Dubai safari tours also offer many scenic views of the desert that one cannot miss. So always come prepared with a camera to capture the Dubai sand dunes scenery you might witness on your tour. Professional photographers will certainly like this tour, as it presents an ideal opportunity for them to test their skills.

The sunset and sunrise views are most popular here and worth capturing. If you don’t know much about best desert spots to see these views ask your tour guides about them.

Campsite Entertainment

Talking about cultural aspects of desert safaris in Dubai, the campsite entertainment shows here are very popular. These shows feature mesmerizing dance performances like Tanoura and belly dances, as well as fire shows. After enjoying the hectic safari activities, one can finally relax at the campsite while watching these performances in the Evening.

Other camp activities’ highlights include henna painting, falconry shows, and Arabic dress-up photography.

Traditional BBQ Dinner

After the safari activities, visitors usually get tired and become extremely hungry. Well, a freshly prepared BBQ dinner is exactly what they need. Once the entertainment activities are over, guests can head outside the camp and feast on delicious BBQ dishes prepared by expert chefs. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as international dishes, are available to accommodate all guest preferences.

Stargazing and Overnight Camping Experience

On desert safari tours, you can also spend the night in the camps, sleeping and enjoying the stargazing at night. Many people also set up camp bonfires here, where they can share memorable moments with their friends, talking and rekindling old memories.

Camping Facilities of Desert Safari Dubai

Camping Facilities of Desert Safari Dubai

There are mainly two types of camping facilities available on the Dubai desert safari experience tour:

Shared Camps

These camps are provided in standard safari tours and can accommodate 100-150 people. They usually get crowded during the peak tourist season. For those who prefer privacy and an intimate experience, these are not the best choices. Although they are a cheaper option, that is one advantage.

Private Camps

These are separate camps with VIP facilities, and they can accommodate 20-30 people at a time. They offer more privacy and have high-class facilities like sofa seating, table dining, and air conditioners. However, desert rides in Dubai cost more, and one must book in advance, at least 5-7 days before, so the tour company can make the necessary arrangements. 

Different Desert Safari Packages to Book in Dubai

There are only 3 popular safari packages that tourists book in Dubai. Further, they have the choice to customize them as they desire. These are:

Morning Desert Safari

The morning safari tours take place during the early hours of the day, particularly around 9-10:00 AM. These tours are short, around 3-4 hours only, and are best for people who might be busy during the later part of the day, in the Evening, or overnight.

The main activities here include dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, Arabic breakfast, and henna painting sessions. There are no dance shows or entertainment available on the morning safari.

Evening Desert Safari

Another popular safari tour is the Evening desert safari. These take place around late evenings at 4-5:00 PM and offer many exciting and cultural activities we have explained above. The tour starts with exciting 4×4 dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding. Around sunset, the guests can head back to the campsite to relax, enjoy entertainment shows, and feast on a delicious BBQ dinner before heading back to the city.

Overnight Desert Safari

The third most popular safari is the overnight desert safari. Those who like adventure in the dark and enjoy camping at night should definitely try these tours. It’s an extension of the evening safari tours.

The activities are the same, except here, instead of returning to the city, you can spend the night camping in the desert while enjoying stargazing and bonfires with the group.

The next morning, you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise view and enjoy a delicious breakfast before returning to the city. The overnight safari usually lasts 16-17 hours and is the longest of all the packages.

Booking the Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Booking the Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Well, now that you understand the main activities and types of safari tours, let’s discuss how to book the ideal tour:

Find All The Top Tour Companies

If you are visiting Dubai with a traveling agency, then they might arrange a safari tour as a part of the itinerary and take care of everything. Otherwise you can do some research on your own and book a tour with a local company. It’s not difficult at all.

Use internet to find top rated companies with positive reviews. Read the customer reviews to get an idea of their services before booking.

Compare Packages and Pricing

After finding top companies take time to compare the packages and pricing to find suitable

desert safari deals that come within your budget range. The Desert Safari Dubai price might vary from company to company. Some companies might offer discounts on groups as well, so see if you can grab one of those deals.

Choose the Timing and Package

After finalizing the tour company, it’s time to select the package and timing of the safari that you’d like to experience. The three highlighted above—morning, Evening, and overnight—are popular desert safari offers that people often book here.

If you are short on time and busy during the Evening and night, then go for the morning tours. Otherwise, Evening and overnight are the best options and include more activities.

Make the Payment and Start Preparing

Once the Dubai desert safari package has been decided you can then proceed to the payment and start preparing. Most companies accept online banking, credit cards and cash payments. Also, don’t forget about pick and drop service, if you are new to the city and have no conveyance then add it to your package. Now its time to start preparing for the safari tour.

Preparing for the Desert Safari Tour

After final booking and confirmation of the tour, you can then start preparing for the tour. Here are some important details to know:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Remember to wear nice and comfortable clothes for your desert safari tour. Since the temperatures here are hot, the men can wear shorts, trousers, and T-shirts, which are relaxing. Women can wear long skirts or shalwar kameez and avoid wearing heels, as those are not suitable for walking in the desert. Men can wear sandals or long boots, whichever they feel comfortable in.

Bring Water Bottles

Since you’ll be traveling in the desert and trying some physical activities, it is important to keep your body hydrated. Remember to bring a water bottle or ask the tour company to provide one, but it’s a must.

Protection From Sun

As mentioned, the sun is very hot in the desert, and those who are accustomed to it might burn their skin or suffer related illnesses. To protect yourself from the sun, remember to bring sunscreen lotion, a hat, and sunglasses.

Bring a Camera

Always bring a camera to the desert safari. This is a very important preparation tip. You cannot miss out on the opportunity to capture beautiful desert scenery and memorable moments with friends and loved ones. Although a DSLR camera is best, a smartphone works as well.

Follow the Tour Guide’s Instructions

Although this is a safety tip, still as a part of preparation remember to follow your tour guide instructions regarding quad biking, dune bashing and camel rides. Wear the safety equipment they provide, and never take it off while riding.


This is everything you need to know about Dubai desert safari tours. Remember to book a tour from a well-reputed company and plan it with friends or family to enjoy memorable moments. Follow the safety guidelines for a relaxing and comfortable tour, and don’t be afraid to reach out to guides on the site if you face any issues.

Please contact Desert Planet Tourism if you still have any queries related to desert safari in UAE. Call our helpline or message us on WhatsApp.

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