Experience the Thrill of a Desert Safari: Top Activities and Tips

Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari Dubai tours offer the most fun and memorable experience that one can imagine while visiting the city. These tours are unique and different from other activities in the city. They take place in the vast deserts surrounding the city that are stunningly beautiful and allows the visitor to see and experience a completely different side of the city.

These are family-friendly tours and one can try several exciting and adventurous activities here that make up for a memorable vacation. For beginners who are planning to go on Best Desert Safari Dubai tours for the first time here is a brief guide for you. We have highlighted top activities and helpful tips that will come quite in handy. Remember to read till the end.

Top 5 Desert Safari Dubai Activities

Here are the top 5 desert safari activities that you can try during your visit:

4×4 Dune Bashing

The dune bashing is by far the most popular desert activity. Here you get to ride in a 4×4 vehicle which is usually a Landcrusier and explore the desert areas in a thrilling manner that will surely be an exciting experience. It’s similar to riding a roller coaster due to the bumpy and uneven desert surfaces. There is option to self-drive the vehicle or hire an expert who can drive around and show you the scenic spots that are worth visiting.

Depending on your package, the dune bashing usually lasts 30-40 minutes.

ATV Quad Biking

ATV Quad bike riding is another popular adventure activity on a desert safari. It’s similar to dune bashing because you get to drive 4-wheel bikes in the same way and explore the desert surroundings. However, it is more risky and requires precautions because quad bikes are open vehicles, and if someone falls down or rolls over their bike, they may suffer severe injuries.

Remember to wear the safety equipment provided and follow the guidelines give by the tour guide. For more safety tips, read our Ultimate Guide To Desert Safari.


Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding because it involves sliding down from tall dunes on a board, but the surface is rougher here. One must learn how to balance their body while sliding and not injure themselves. People who like doing daring and adventurous things should try this, they’ll love it as a beginner start from small dunes and the technique to slide down.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding

Camels are an essential part of Arab culture and were used for transportation and traveling in the past. Riding these animals on a safari tour makes one feel like royalty. These slow and bumpy rides make you feel more connected to nature and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the desert. Don’t forget to take some memorable shots of the desert while camel riding.

Campsite Entertainment

Lastly, desert safari tours are widely known not only for their sports rides but also for the cultural activities and shows at the campsite. Tanoura and Belly dances are highly popular, as are fire shows. Then there are henna painting sessions and falconry shows that allow the visitor to experience the traditional customs of the region.

On overnight safaris, guests can also enjoy a camping experience and sleep in the desert.

These are the top 5 popular safari activities that are must-try. Although there are many more, these are enough to make your desert tour memorable.

Safety Tips for Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Here 5 safety tips to remember for your Dubai desert safari adventure:

  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing because the desert weather is hot. Wear something lightweight like shorts, trousers, or T-shirts. Women can wear long skirts. As for footwear, avoid wearing heels.
  • Keep your body well-hydrated throughout the tour. Bring a water bottle while exploring the desert on quad bikes, camels, and Landcruisers, and take regular breaks to drink water and refresh yourself.
  • Bring a sunscreen lotion, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful sun rays. If you are not accustomed to the local weather, then this is a must-have thing to do; otherwise, you might suffer from sunburn.
  • Wear the safety equipment provided by the tour guides while riding quad bikes, and strap yourself in with seatbelts on dune-bashing rides. These rides are exciting as hell, but they are pretty risky, too, so precaution is always needed.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals before the safari tour, as they might upset your stomach if you plan on participating in dune bashing and quad-biking rides.


Dubai desert safari tours allow you to explore and experience a completely different side of the city that is peaceful and without huge crowds. There are tons of exciting things to do here, like dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding. However, it’s also important to follow safety guidelines to ensure that you have a relaxing and enjoyable tour.

For more information and queries to related to Dubai safari tours, you can contact Desert Planet Tourism.

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