Dubai Self Drive Vs Private Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Self Drive Vs Private Desert Safari Dubai

When it comes to desert safari adventures in Dubai, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are budget-friendly options and expensive ones, too, which give you a memorable and VIP experience.

The Dubai Self-Drive safari is one of the affordable options suited for those who are low on budget and have time but still would love to explore the beautiful desert and enjoy its scenery. On the other hand, a Private desert safari offers a VIP experience for the guests at the campsite along with a dedicated guide. Well, this is just a brief overview. Let’s discuss in detail what each safari experience involves and which option is better.

What is the Dubai Self-Drive Safari Package?

A self-drive safari is a budget-friendly option for those who are low on budget but would love to explore the desert and experience something unique on their vacation rather than spending all the time in a crowded city. Here you arrive in your vehicle at the desert campsite.

After arriving, you can rest here and park your vehicle, and afterwards, try some exciting desert activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding, just like on a regular safari.

Do keep in mind there are no entertainment and cultural shows at the campsite; those are only exclusive for Evening And Overnight Desert Safari. At Desert Planet Tourism, we do offer henna painting, falconry shows, and a few other dance shows on a drive tour.

Bear in mind that you may have to share camps with other guests. After the safari activities, you will be served refreshments like water, juice, coffee, tea, and a delicious BBQ dinner before returning to the city in the vehicle you came in. The self-drive safari only costs 99-149 AED per person.

What is the Private Desert Safari Package?

The private safari package is a complete and exclusive package designed to give guests a VIP desert experience. It includes pick and drop service from the city to the desert campsite, a dedicated 4×4 adventure vehicle, a tour guide, and, most importantly, private camps.

In addition to all this, it includes all the standard safari activities, entertainment/ cultural shows, and BBQ dinners. You can even upgrade the package to include professional photography services, henna painting sessions, VIP sofa seating at the campsite, and falconry displays.

As mentioned, there will be a dedicated guide for your group only. He will stay alongside you throughout the safari. He can teach you a thing or two about dune bashing and how to drive a quad bike, and he can even take the guests to the best spots in the desert that are worth visiting for a memorable experience.

Choosing Between Self Drive Safari and Private Safari

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing between a self-drive and private safari tour in Dubai:

Cost and Exclusive Experience

The self-drive safari tour is less expensive compared to a private safari. The costs vary roughly by 15-30 AED per person. So this is the best option if you are a group of 6-7 persons with limited. Remember to arrange for a vehicle at your own expense. The activities here are limited, but you are guaranteed to have a fun and memorable time.

Otherwise, if you have the budget and would like an exclusive safari experience without sharing a campsite and desert facilities with other guests, a private desert safari is the right choice. It will cost more, but it’ll be worth it.

Campsite Entertainment and Cultural Shows

Campsite Entertainment and Cultural Shows

Except for a few companies, most of Dubai’s companies offer no entertainment or cultural shows on the self-drive safari. So, a private desert safari is the best choice if you want to experience the rich Bedouin culture and hospitality of the locals at the campsite.

These cultural shows include Henna and belly dances, fire shows, henna painting sessions, Arabic dress-up photography, and falconry displays.

Pick and Drop Service

Private desert safaris offer a luxury pick-and-drop service in a 4×4 Landcruiser from the city to the desert. This is very helpful for those who are visiting the city for vacations and don’t own a vehicle or a conveyance to come to the desert for a safari adventure. Self-drive safaris are completely different; one must come to the desert at one’s own expense by arranging a vehicle.

Celebrating a Special Occasion

If you are on a safari tour with loved ones on a special occasion like a birthday or honeymoon, then a private safari is the best option. It offers an intimate experience in private camp settings, where you can enjoy memorable moments and participate in other desert activities without having to share anything with other guests.

Professional Guidance

On private desert safaris, you’ll be accompanied by professional tour guides who’ll ensure your safety and provide driving lessons to those new to quad biking and dune bashing. These guides know their way around the desert and might take you to the best scenic spots in the area that are worth visiting.

While on a self-drive safari, you are on your own most of the time. A guide might give you a safety briefing before the safari; otherwise, they might not be available full-time.


Whether you choose a self-drive safari or a Private Desert Safari Dubai, you are guaranteed to have a fun and exciting time exploring the deserts and experiencing the rich culture of the Bedouins. A self-drive safari is a low-cost option, but these camping facilities are often shared with other guests. A private safari is the best option for those who want privacy and an intimate experience. 

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