Evening Desert Safari Vs Overnight Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Vs Overnight Desert Safari

Desert safari tours are very popular in Dubai among tourists and locals alike. These adventurous tours allow you to explore the beautiful deserts of the region and engage in some exciting activities with your family and loved ones and enjoy some memorable moments.

The Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Safari are the most popular options. While both offer exciting and fun experiences for sure, they somewhat differ as well. What is this difference? Well, that is what we will discuss today, so you can choose accordingly. Let’s get started.

An Overview of Evening Desert Safari

The evening safari is the most popular option and it offers a complete desert experience in Dubai. There are tons of activities to do here starting with adventure ones and later on some cultural ones. It also includes many entertainment shows as well.

This tour starts around 3-4:00 PM in the evening and goes till 10:00 PM. Depending on the activities you have included or the package booked, this duration might vary.

The main activities here include 4×4 dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel riding, sunset views, cultural entertainment, and BBQ dinner. You can add some other services, too, like pick and drop, VIP camping facilities, henna painting, and professional photography.

The evening safari is ideal for those who have limited time and a smaller budget. There is no overnight stay and more importantly, you get to experience all the key highlights of a safari.

An Overview of Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight safari is somewhat of an extension of the evening safari. These tours start around 7:00 PM in the late evening and go the whole night till the next day morning. The main activities here are the same as the evening safari.

The main difference is that after BBQ and cultural shows at the campsite instead of returning home, you get to spend the night at the desert campsite and here you can enjoy stargazing, bonfire gossip with friends, and wake up the next morning to a beautiful sunrise and leave for the city after eating a healthy Arabic breakfast.

The overnight safari is ideal for those who like adventures in the dark and want to try something exciting and fun with their group of friends. These tours allow you to relax your mind, forget all your worries for a while, and enjoy a refreshing experience.

Choosing Between Evening and Overnight Safari

Choosing Between Evening and Overnight Safari

We hope you understand the main differences between the two safari tours. Let’s discuss 3 main factors to consider when choosing between both options:

Time Duration

Evening safaris are generally shorter as compared to overnight. These usually last around 5-6 hours. If you are busy next and don’t want to spend the night in the desert, then this is the best choice.

The overnight safaris are usually longer and last till the next and offer a more relaxing experience. So if you want to spend time in peaceful settings and away from noisy city life, then opt for these.

Budget Considerations

Evening safaris are more budget friendly since the tour operators have to provide less accommodation and activities are fewer too.

Overnight safari packages are a little expensive because the guests are expected to stay at a desert campsite, and these arrangements cost a little more; plus, you can also include next-day morning breakfast, which adds to the overall cost.

Talking about budget, you can also go for morning safaris. These cost less than both evening and overnight, and the experience is almost the same. Do read our detailed guide on Morning vs Evening Desert Safari to know the differences between the both.

Weather and Comfort

If you want to enjoy a safari experience in cooler weather and not in hot and warm conditions, then overnight safari should be your choice. As you already know, these tours take place at night time when the temperatures are relatively lower in the desert, and therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about getting sweaty or exposed to daytime hot temperatures.

Evening safaris happen around 3-4:00 PM when the temperatures are hot. Although it gets cold at night when you go to the campsite, the main safari activities, like dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding, are held during the day when the sun is shining. Remember to bring your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion for these tours.


Whether you choose an evening safari or overnight, you are sure to have a lot of fun and memorable time with your family and friends. The evening tours are perfect for those who wish to enjoy the beautiful sunset views and participate in a night of cultural entertainment. The Overnight Desert Safari is suited for those who like to explore the wilderness in the dark and enjoy peaceful experiences at night.

Do remember the other factors we have mentioned as well when making your decision.

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