Explore the Overnight Desert Safari tour in Dubai With Buffet Dinner and Belly dance

Overnight Desert Safari

One of the most popular activities that tourists seek is the overnight desert safari in Dubai. It is an entirely different and novel experience where you engage in some thrilling activities that are not easily found in the city.

For example, the camping experience that one can have here under the starlit sky is one of the finest in the world. This means that the view of the stars in the night sky in the desert is also crystal clear since there are virtually no dust particles in the air. Additionally, when you add fun camping activities such as cultural shows, henna painting, and a BBQ buffet dinner, you get an unforgettable adventure that keeps you yearning for more.

Want to learn more about overnight desert safari and camping in Dubai? Let us dig deeper and learn more.

What to Expect on Your Desert Camping Trip in Dubai?

Here is a complete list of activities you can expect on your night desert safari Dubai trip:

Adventure and Sports Activities 

Most people who opt for overnight desert safari packages instead of morning or evening love exploring new locations in the dark and discovering new things. Well, if you are one of these individuals, then you are in for a treat.

On this safari tour, you can explore the vast desert regions of Dubai excitingly. You can book a dune bashing ride where an expert driver will drive a 4×4 luxury Landcruiser on varying dunes and enjoy the desert scenery. Take your camera along and click some memorable photos of yourself enjoying the ride.

If you want a more private experience, then you can also book quad bikes and dune buggies. You get to drive yourself, and you can wander around at your own pace and make stops as you wish to. Just remember to wear the safety equipment provided, which includes a helmet, goggles, and sports clothing.

Also, please check the headlights of your vehicle and ensure they work properly because you will be driving in the dark. Drive carefully, and if it’s your first time, you can take driving lessons from your guides regarding learning vehicle controls.

Culinary Experience at the Campsite

After engaging in several adventure and sports activities, as we have mentioned, you will be hungry as hell because all these activities are quite physically demanding. Well, no worries. At your next stop, you can enjoy a delicious buffet BBQ dinner at the campsite. Dishes include grilled meat, rice, desserts, and many other international options as well. All of these are sure to fill your appetite and allow you to get your energy back.

Many tour operators also offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner options as well. So, if you don’t like meat or chicken, you can opt for a vegetarian option. Just inform your operator well in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Cultural Shows and Performances

The overnight desert safari is not all about adventure sports or thrilling rides. In fact, if you are with your family, your parents or children might not be interested in them. Instead, they can opt to stay at the campsite and enjoy some amazing dance performances and fire shows and interact with locals to learn about the region’s history.

Talking about cultural activities, you can also try a 30-40 minute camel ride under the moonlight and experience how the locals used to travel centuries ago in the same desert. You can wear Arabic attire and click pictures for your memories. For ladies, you can try henna painting on your body from a local artist and make designs as per your choice.

Hence, there are countless things you can do on your camping trip in Dubai deserts that suit your taste. By the way, an Evening Desert Safari Adventure also includes these performances. So, if you are interested in cultural shows but don’t want to spend the night in the desert, then choose the evening package.

Sleep in Tents Under Starlit Sky

After you finish your activities, it’s time to rest and sleep in your tents under the sky. The night view of the sky is crystal clear, as there are hardly any dust particles present. If you are on a honeymoon trip, then a camping night in Dubai deserts is the best thing you can do. The peaceful environment in a private tent offers a romantic setting.

It might be cold at night in the desert, but you can enjoy coffee and tea while observing the constellations. If you want, a local can also guide you on what all the constellations mean and how they were used in the past as a way to navigate the deserts when there were no compasses.

Sunrise View and Morning Breakfast

The best and most beautiful part of camping in the desert is that you get to witness the magical sunrise view coming from the east and see how it transforms sand into a golden color. Remember to capture this view on your camera and click your pictures against this background as well.

After you wake up and enjoy the sunrise, visit the campsite where you were served BBQ last night, but now you can eat a traditional Arabic breakfast to end your trip and return to the city. The breakfast usually includes Arabic coffee, juices, mineral water, pancakes, sandwiches, and an egg/omelette with slices of bread.

These are all the activities you can expect on your overnight desert safari trip. Call Desert Planet Tourism today and book your overnight desert safari with inclusive tent service.

Packages Available for Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Here are a few preparation tips for your overnight desert safari tour. You might encounter several challenges while in the desert, so it’s always a good idea to come prepared in case of an emergency.

Clothing Choices

At night in the desert, temperatures can sometimes drop to 10-15 degrees in winter, and even in summer, it sometimes gets chilly. So it’s always a good idea to bring a sweater, jacket, or a shawl along with a few blankets for your stay in the tents. Some tour operators may provide blanks, but you have to inquire from them if they do so. Also, wear fully covered clothes that don’t expose your body that much. This type of clothing goes against the dress code in UAE, so you must follow it as well.

Bring Sleeping Bags

If you want, you can bring your sleeping bags for extra comfort and safety when sleeping in the tent. Be sure that the bags are purchased from a good company and are of the highest quality.

Camera for Photography

How can you not capture the beautiful memories of your desert camping trip along with the breathtaking scenery? Do bring a DSLR camera to test out your photography skills and also capture the sunset views.

Medications, if There Are Any

Do bring your medications if you have been prescribed any by your physician because it is highly unlikely that you will find any medical stores in the middle of the desert. Also, carry medicine for fever, headache, or vomiting as well; you may never know if someone gets ill at night.

You can also carry an insect-repellent lotion to ward off mosquitoes or any other small insects that might disturb your good sleep at night.

Bring a Flashlight

A flashlight is also a necessary item to carry for your camping trip in the desert. Who knows, you might get lost in the middle of nowhere in the dark, and a flashlight can come quite handy to guide your way.


A camping experience in the desert during an overnight desert safari Dubai tour is one of the activities to try on your vacation to Dubai. It’s a completely new and unique experience that you will remember for a long time.

We hope that after reading the article, you have made up your mind and are ready to try out the overnight desert camping trip. Call Desert Planet Tourism llc today and allow us to entertain you and provide you with a luxury experience during your time with us. Check our services tab for detailed information on overnight desert safari packages. 

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