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Private Desert Safari Dubai

If you are in Dubai for a vacation for the very first time in your life, then know this: there is a lot more you can do here instead of just eating at shopping malls and visiting other iconic places in the city. For instance, many people forget that the vast deserts surrounding the city provide a culturally rich experience and allow you to feel what life was like in the region before all the modern urbanization.

If you are interested in such a journey into the desert, then there is no better way to do it than on a private desert safari Dubai tour. A Dubai desert tour provides more than just a stop by the sands; it offers a variety of experiences that will leave you with a wealth of memories. So, let’s read about it in a little more detail.

What Packages Are Available for The Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

A private desert safari tour is mainly offered 3 times during the day: morning, evening, and overnight. The activities are almost the same, but the Desert Safari Dubai Timing makes all the difference in the experience you get here.

Morning Desert Safari Tour

The morning desert safari tour starts around early 9:00 AM and lasts till 1:00 PM. The pickup service starts around 8:00 AM at the designated spots of the city that your tour company will further guide you about. Once you reach the desert, the tour starts with a thrilling dune-bashing ride, and afterward, you can try camel riding and sandboarding as well.

After you are done with desert activities, you will be served a healthy and delicious Arabic breakfast at the campsite, along with other refreshments like tea, coffee, juices, and sheesha as well. You can also add quad biking and private camp arrangements for additional charges if you want to.

Evening Desert Safari Tour

Evening safari tours are the most popular ones that many tourists choose because it offers many more activities to enjoy here. It starts around 3:00 PM, and you get to enjoy everything offered in the morning package; you also get the chance to witness the stunning sunset view from the top of a dune, along with campsite entertainment at night at the campsite with a bonfire lit nearby.

The entertainment includes folk dance performances by the locals on slow, rhythmic music that is sure to enlighten your evening. The safari tour ends with a tasty BBQ dinner served in a buffet style.

Overnight Desert Safari Tour

The overnight safari tour starts around 6:00 PM in the evening and lasts the whole night till the very next day. The activities you can enjoy here are all the same as the evening safari; the timing just differs, and you also get to spend the night in the tent while enjoying stargazing in the crystal-clear sky.

Different Desert Safari Experiences

Adventure Experiences

Desert Safari Tour in Dubai may not offer you the kind of adventure you are seeking. Nevertheless, safaris that incorporate adventure activities are the most popular. For example, dune bashing is among the most popular activities in the desert sands. There are also other adrenaline-pumping activities, such as quad biking, sandboarding, and riding ATVs or buggies, among others. Experts guide each of these activities, and there are no safety concerns to be concerned about.

You may also take a long camel ride in the desert sands if you are not an avid adventurer. Photographs are usually taken at vantage points in the desert during this ride. There is even the possibility of visiting a camel breeding farm. A camel ride provides an opportunity to observe oryxes and gazelles in the desert as well as other desert fauna and flora.

Cultural Experiences 

Cultural Activities to Enjoy at Desert Safari

You can learn about the life of the nomadic Bedouins. The campsite offers an array of activities that can be participated in first-hand, such as tanning your hands with henna, smoking hookah, witnessing belly dancing and the Tanoura, a fire dance, and enjoying a barbecue dinner. It is an electric environment that allows for the most enjoyable experiences.

Several small shops have been set up at the campsite to sell great souvenirs. It is possible to take photographs wearing Arabic clothing and holding a falcon on your arm at some camps. The deserts of Dubai are the only places where you can experience this.

Safety Considerations for Desert Safari Tours

All the desert safari tours are conducted under expert guidance, and every company is required by law to follow necessary safety protocols. For instance, you get first-class safety equipment before the start of your adventure rides (dune bashing, quad biking, and dirt biking ) to protect yourself from potential injuries. 

Further, the guide also provides a safety briefing along with important instructions to follow to avoid accidents and collisions in the desert. If there is any issue you might face, contact your guide immediately on a walkie-talkie, and they will reach your location instantly. 


The Private Desert Safari Dubai tours offer you the best way to explore the natural beauty of the area while also getting a taste of local culture as well. If you are in Dubai for the first time, then don’t miss such an amazing experience.  

For more information on safari packages and guides, contact Desert Planet Tourism llc and talk to our representative. 

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