The Magic of Best Morning Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Want to try something unique and adventurous in Dubai that is suitable for families and children as well? Well, get up, pack your bags, and head down to the Arabian deserts for an early Morning Desert Safari tour. Spend some time in peaceful deserts that help to relax your mind but also provide a different scenery for a change.

One can do many things here, with the most popular being observing the beautiful sunrise over tall dunes, exploring the rolling dunes on dune bashing and camel rides while enjoying the morning breeze, and many more. Create some joyful moments and new memories with your loved ones on this tour. Here is everything to keep in mind for the Morning Safari Desert adventure.

What are the Costs and Timing of the Morning Desert Safari Tour?

The morning desert safari tours are the shortest among all 3 major safaris offered in Dubai. They start around 9:00 AM in the morning and end around 1:00 PM and usually lasts for 4-5 hours.

You can also avail of pick up and drop service as well if you don’t have a vehicle of your own. Most tour companies have a designated spot around the city from where they can pick you up, transport you to the desert, and drop you off at the exact spot as well. Some companies may offer pick-up directly from hotels and homes as well. Some companies offer shared and private transport as well. Shared transport obviously costs less. The pickup time is around 8:00 AM, so be ready around that time.

Now let’s talk about costs. The standard Morning Safari Desert starts at around 750 AED for 6 persons. The package doesn’t include quad biking and photography sessions. If you include those too, then the costs jump to 1080 AED for 6 persons. Further, if you want a private camping setup for your group, it costs around 1200 AED.

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Important Highlights of the Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Here is what you can expect on the morning safari tour:

Dune bashing Ride

Begin your safari with the exciting and thrilling dune bashing ride on a 4×4 Landcruiser as you travel at high speed on a bumpy terrain accompanied by an expert driver. Remember to fasten your seat belt and get your cameras ready because you don’t want to miss a single moment of it.

Delicious Morning Breakfast

Delicious Morning Breakfast Dubai Desert

Indulge in a delicious Arabic breakfast at the campsite to fill your appetite in the morning and prepare for the next set of activities that await you.

Sunrise Views 

Don’t miss out on the breathtaking sunrise views of the morning. Ask your guide to suggest a suitable spot in the desert where you can observe it. Take your camera along and remember to click some memorable photos of yourself against the background. Some companies offer sunrise photography as a part of their morning package, you can book those if you want to.

Camel Riding

There is fun in desert safaris without a little cultural taste, and camel riding offers just that. Camels have been an important part of Arabs’ lives for centuries, and riding one takes you back in time when the locals used to travel on them for trade and transportation. Camel rides are slow and bumpy compared to dune bashing.


Sandboarding is another exciting activity to try on your morning safari tour. Hop on a wooden board and slide down from a tall dune while maintaining your balance. You can say it’s an adventure activity, and even children do it without any worries. Dubai sandboarding safari is quite popular nowadays, so remember not to miss it.

Quad biking 

If you still have adventure cravings left in you and want to try something different, then hop on a Quad bike and go for the ATV ride. Quad bikes are specially designed to be driven on desert surfaces, and anyone can drive them easily with little guidance. You can drive them to any part of the desert and explore the region on your own; just remember to follow the safety instructions prior to riding.

Learn About Local Culture

Desert safaris are ideal for learning about Arabic culture while interacting with the locals. You can gain helpful insights into how people lived in these areas before the discovery of oil, what their daily routine was, etc.


Morning desert safari tours are ideal for off-roading trips you can plan with your family and friends. They offer a change of scenery from what we see in the city and also help to relax your body. We hope you understand everything regarding these tours in this brief guide of ours.

For more information and to book a morning safari package, you can always call Desert Planet Tourism llc.

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