Top 5 Desert Adventure Activities to Do on Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

If you want to discover the rich Bedouin culture, see the untamed beauty of the Arabain deserts in Dubai, and engage in a thrilling excursion, then a Morning Desert Safari tour is the right choice.

Desert safaris have become quite popular recently in Dubai, mainly because people want to get away from crowded and boring city life, go somewhere peaceful, and experience something new for a change. There are tons of different exciting activities to try here that meet everyone’s preferences. The main ones include dune bashing, ATV quad biking, camel rides, sandboarding, and so on.

If you are currently planning for a desert safari morning tour in Dubai, then be sure to read this article to learn about the top 5 most popular adventure activities to try here. Let’s get started.

5 Best Adventure Activities to Do on the Morning Desert Safari Tour

Be sure to try these exciting activities on a morning safari tour in Dubai and explore the vast undulating deserts with your friends and family for a memorable and thrilling experience:

4×4 Dune Bashing

The dune-bashing ride on a 4×4 Landcruiser is the main highlight of a morning safari tour. The ride involves many twists and turns, and the experience feels similar to riding a roller coaster. The expert drivers accompany you. They know the desert terrain quite well and understand the challenges one might face and how to overcome them.

You can stop at scenic spots in the desert to check out the beautiful desert scenery and sunrise views of the morning and how they completely transform the desert. Be sure to capture these memorable moments on camera with your loved ones.

ATV Quad Biking

ATV quad biking is another thrilling ride to try on a morning safari tour. It offers a similar experience to dune bashing but is more thrilling. Quad bikes are open vehicles fitted with powerful engines and off-road tires that allow them to be driven on tough surfaces with ease.

When driving ATV bikes at high speed on bumpy terrain, one might feel the wind striking the face and the pulse racing. Compared to dune bashing, here, you are on your own and can explore anywhere at any pace without the guide accompanying you. However, remember to wear the safety equipment provided, and people under 16 are not allowed to drive a quadbike in Dubai.



Sandboarding is a fun and family-friendly activity you can do on a safari tour. As you can see from the name it’s similar to snowboarding, but is done only in desert conditions. People use a wooden or special board to glide down from a tall dune or a slope while maintaining their balance. Sandboards are designed to provide an exciting and safe ride at high speeds.

It’s a completely safe thing to do, and guides are available to assist tourists. Even kids can participate in it.

Camel Riding

If you are looking for something soothing and different from the usual things we have described on a desert safari, then Camel Riding In Dubai Morning Safari is the most popular choice. These animals have been an important part of the Arab culture for ages, and one can have a morning safari to enjoy the old-fashioned ride. Camel riding is an ideal option to get in touch with nature and see its beauty.

The slow and bumpy rides, simultaneously with the peacefully blowing morning wind, assist the rider to relax and feel nature as it is. The tour guide takes care of the camel and makes sure that you don’t fall. The tourists can also pose for photographs with the camels, and they will be briefed on everything about them. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Campsite Entertainment and Breakfast

The morning safari tour is not only about outdoor excursions. In addition to these, there are many other things to do at the campsite, such as henna painting, shisha smoking, falconry shows, and photography. All these cultural activities help to make the safari experience unforgettable.

Moreover, do not miss out on a gourmet and authentic Arabian breakfast before heading back to the city.


Be sure to add the Dubai Desert Safari Tours to your list of activities to do on vacations. Everyone can participate and enjoy such tours regardless of age and skill level. The morning tours are ideal for those who are short on time and like to explore the desert in the cool temperatures.

There are other options as well, like Evening and Overnight if you have time and budget.

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