Exclusive Desert Safari Offers: How to Get the Best Deals

Desert Safari Offers.

The Dubai desert safari is arguably the most popular and exciting activity among visitors and locals in the city. This tour lets you explore the beautiful deserts, participate in many adventurous activities, and experience the rich Bedouin culture at the campsite. These tours are primarily family-friendly and done under strict safety guidelines, so you don’t have to worry too much.

If you are short on budget but would love to try the safari experience with your group, here are some tips to help you book the best Desert Safari Offers. Let’s get started.

7 Tips on How to the Best Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Follow these tips to get the best desert safari Dubai deals on your visit to the city:

Book From a Reputable Company

When planning a desert safari trip in Dubai, always book from a reputable company with at least 10 years of experience and positive ratings. These companies understand the needs of customers and provide the best possible service. You can find such companies after a thorough search on the internet or by getting recommendations from friends and relatives if they have been on a safari tour before.

Read Customer Reviews

Continuing from our first tip, when booking desert safari tours online, always read the customer reviews before proceeding. These reviews help you understand the company’s quality of services and what other customers have to say about it.

These reviews are available on websites like Tripadvisor and Google Reviews and forum sites like Quora. Customers can even ask questions about whether to book a tour from this company or not and whether they recommend someone else.

Book the Tour in Advance

Try booking a safari tour at least 6–7 days before the actual date during peak season. This way, you can avoid late-minute price hikes and might enjoy discounts. Also, by booking early, you can find the desired time slot that suits your schedule; otherwise, it may be necessary to adjust later on.

Research for top-rated companies to get the best value for money. The booking process is straightforward. Nowadays, most companies offer online booking options through websites, which take a few minutes.

Check For Discounts and Deals

Check For Discounts and Deals

Many tour companies offer various discounts and offers to attract visitors. These discounts are mostly on groups of 5–6 persons or during annual holidays. See if you can find such offers and get a valuable deal. This can help you save some money if you are short on budget.

There are Desert Safari Tour Options For Every Budget, you have to research and find the right one.

Book Directly from Tour Providers

Always book safari tours directly from an authorized company rather than approaching third parties because these cost more and take their commission as well. Call the tour company directly or visit their website to see the packages and pricing details and book a suitable package for your group.

Plan a Tour in the Off-Season

If you visit Dubai during the summer off-season, you will likely get discounted and low rates for safari tours. The reason is that fewer tourists visit the city, and companies lower their prices to attract customers. Also, more importantly, the crowds are minimal, and you will likely have more fun exploring the desert.

However, keep one thing in mind: In summer, the temperatures are extremely hot, so you must come prepared accordingly for desert safaris. Read our Ultimate Guide to Desert Safari Dubai for safety and preparation tips.

Carefully Review the Package Details

When making the final booking and payment, remember to read the tour’s terms and conditions. See if there are any hidden prices or additional charges. Many companies include refreshments for an extra charge, which is not mentioned in the actual prices and the taxes like GST’s are also not mentioned sometimes. 

If a company hides the actual price of a package, do not book from them because they are not trustworthy. Ask them at the time of booking if what they are offering is the final price or if there are any extras that they need to know about.


By following these tips, you are guaranteed to secure the best desert safari deal in Dubai that is within your budget and suits your group’s requirements. This is a must-try activity in the city during holidays.

For more queries and the best packages with reliable service, please call Desert Planet Tourism. Check our ‘Services Tab’ for detailed information on our safari packages.

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