Planning Your Perfect Desert Getaway: A Step-by-Step Guide to Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Private desert safari in Dubai

A visit to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a desert adventure. After spending time in a city environment and encountering crowds of people, a desert safari tour provides a change of scenery and an entirely new perspective.

Private Desert Safari Dubai packages, making it challenging to select the one. Your choice also depends on preferences; some individuals prefer relaxing and enjoying the campsite while others seek excitement and engaging activities. But worry not; there’s something, for everyone.

To assist you in selecting the ideal desert safari, we’ve created this guide. Make sure to read it all the way 

An Overview of Desert Safari Packages Available in Dubai

Here is an overview of the most popular desert safari packages you can choose from while in Dubai:

  • Morning Desert Safari 

A morning desert safari tour takes place early in the morning, around 8-9:00 AM, and roughly lasts 3-4 hours. You will be picked up in a luxury 4×4 Landcruiser from your location. The temperatures around this time are actually very cool, and you can enjoy the morning breeze and try the amazing dune-bashing ride, which is sure to jolt your body and awaken your mind. 

As an additional activity, you can include sandboarding and quad-biking, which provide a similar experience to dune bashing. Hot air balloon rides are also best enjoyed in the morning, but they are expensive, so if you have a budget to spare, then surely give it a try.  

You can go on a relaxing camel ride and climb on top of a tall sand dune to click pictures of the beautiful desert scenery. After trying all these activities, you can head to a Bedouin-style campsite and eat a delicious breakfast dinner. 

Some tour operators offer breakfast before all these activities, but we recommend eating afterward to avoid getting your stomach upset. Around 1:00 PM, your desert safari concludes, and you will dropped to the city in the same way you came. Now you can explore the city during the rest of your day.

  • Evening Desert Safari 

An evening desert safari starts in the late afternoon, around 4-5:00 PM; just like a morning desert safari, you will be picked up from the city in a Landcruiser and taken to the desert. The pickup can be shared or private, depending on your choice.  

Evening safaris are the most popular in Dubai since they last long and provide a whole desert experience from every aspect. To start, you begin your journey on a dune-bashing ride for 30-40 minutes and, afterward, set out to explore the desert on a quad bike and camel ride; you can choose both or just one, depending on your choice. 

One thing that separates morning from evening safari is the opportunity to witness the stunning sunset scenery. Observe how the sand color changes as the sun goes down, and don’t forget to capture this view on your camera. Everything included in the morning safari is offered in the evening package. 

Afterward, at night, the entertainment session starts. You can see young dancers doing belly and tanoura dances in colorful clothing while you enjoy sipping coffee and tea. Here, you can dress in local attire to click selfies and adorn your body with a Henna paint if you want. 

At last, you can savor the BBQ dinner buffet prepared freshly at the campsite with numerous options to eat from. There are also vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; just let your tour operator know about your requirements, and they can make the necessary arrangements.

Private desert safari in Dubai
  • Overnight Desert Safari 

An overnight desert safari happens entirely during the night. Those who like to embark on an adventure in the night under moonlight and stars can choose the overnight desert safari option. These safaris usually start around 8-9:00 PM and last the whole night. 

You get everything offered in the evening safari package, plus an opportunity to spend the night in a tent under the stars with your loved ones. For newlyweds, this safari is ideal for a honeymoon due to the romantic setting you get here. 

You can wake up the next morning to witness a magical sunrise view to conclude your safari. 

  • Private Desert Safari 

A private desert safari is not different from the rest, but here, everything you are offered is customized to your preferences, and you don’t have to share anything with other groups. 

In previous safari packages, you get to share your vehicles, camps, and pickup/drop service with other groups and people you don’t know. 

However, when you choose a private desert safari, everything is customized for you and your group only, plus you don’t have to share it with anyone. This includes private pickup, private camps with performances and dinner settings, and, most importantly, expert guides for your adventure rides that only serve you. 

At Desert Planet Tourism llc, we offer all these safari packages at competitive prices and affordable packages. Call us today to book a tour or any guidance you need in choosing the ideal package. 

Choosing the Ideal Desert Safari Adventure

Now, let’s delve into some important details regarding choosing the ideal desert safari package and what things you must consider. 

  • Choosing a Safari Wholesaler or Provider 

A safari wholesaler and provider can actually make and break your entire experience. How? Let us explain. A wholesaler is someone who sells services of service providers and takes a commission out of each sale. They usually have 2-3 safari providers to whom they sell services.

A safari provider is the actual company offering the services, and they don’t rely on wholesalers. 

Booking a safari with the service provider is a good thing to do because they actually sell services and know very well what happens on safaris and how to prepare for them. Also, you can negotiate rates with them, unlike wholesalers who have fixed rates. 

  • Type of Camping Facility Available 

You must also consider the camping facility for your private desert safari tour. These are the four types of camping facilities available for desert safari:

  • Camp shared with other companies

Generally, these camps target the budget market and can provide good value for people on a tight budget. Having so many companies coming to the same campsite for dinner means that the tour operator with whom you have booked probably does not have control over hygiene, food quality, entertainment, and facilities. A company cannot generally assist you if you encounter a problem here. Our recommendation is to not book these types of camps if you are trying desert safari, probably for once in your life. 

  • Private camps with a capacity of 50 to 600 guests

Some Safari companies have their camps and cater to a large number of guests, sometimes up to 600 per night. If you are more comfortable with a large group of people around, this may be an appropriate choice. It has several drawbacks, such as a very crowded desert, long buffet lines, and insufficient personalized attention.

  • Private camps with fewer than 100 guests

 The number of these camps is limited, but they offer higher levels of service, greater customization, and a more intimate atmosphere. The best choice is for couples, business travelers, families, and individuals commemorating special occasions.

  • Private set-up

There is no better safari experience than this. Here, there is a 3 or 4 to 1 ratio between staff and guests. In other words, your every need will be addressed, and your experience will be bespoke, as well as private and high quality. Please be aware of set-ups that lack bathroom facilities. A private desert safari package that we have described above is offered in this setup. 

  • Timing of the Safari 

The next important factor in choosing the ideal desert safari is the timing you want. As we have mentioned in our packages, there are mainly 3 timings offered: morning, evening and overnight. 

If you don’t have spare time in the evening or the rest of the day and just want to visit the desert and explore it, then the morning package is best for you. It lasts only 4 hours, and you are free by 1:00 PM. Otherwise, if you have time and want a full desert safari experience, then book an evening package and have a memorable time with your family and friends. The overnight option is also suitable if you don’t have to go to work the very next day and are comfortable sleeping in a tent. 

  • The Menu for Dinner

Fast food restaurants are cheaper than fine dining restaurants, and everyone knows why. Ask your safari guide what’s on the menu. Do you prepare the food fresh, or does it come pre-cooked? Does the food come from a catering company or a Chef on-site? What kind of cuisine can you expect here, or should you expect BBQ or curry? 

Obviously, the better the food and higher the quality, the more expensive your safari will be. You wouldn’t randomly pick a restaurant, and the same applies to your safari. Dinner is only offered in evening and overnight desert safari packages and not in morning ones. So if you have booked a morning package, you don’t have to worry that much.

Also, if your preference is vegetarian food, ask your safari operator about it as well to be sure they have a menu for it as well.

Private desert safari in Dubai
  • Reputation of the Service Provider 

Inquire about the reputation of your safari provider. Besides reading online reviews of previous customers, ask your friends and family members, as well as those who have been on safari tours before, how their experience was. 

Tripadvisor is a very authentic site to read reviews of tourists, and you can also comment under their reviews and ask any questions you like. If they read your comment, they might reply to you as well. 

  • Price of Safari  

Finally, the price of your desert safari tour and how much it will cost you. Although this is the first question you should inquire about, but it’s an important consideration. A desert safari begins at 40 AED and goes as high as 1200 AED, depending on the activities you have included and the camping facility provided. 

So, let’s break it down for you. 

  • Standard Desert Safari

This is a regular desert safari, which includes dune bashing, camel riding, and a stay at the campsite with drinks only and no food or dinner. Pick-and-drop service is also excluded, and you have to drive yourself to the location. 

Check out our Self-Drive Desert Safari service. The costs vary from 40 AED to 200 AED if you add more activities.  

  • Premium Desert Safari

A premium desert safari offers numerous activities. You can also additionally include quad-biking and sandboarding. Also, the dance performances and BBQ dinners are part of it. The camping facility is shared in this package, where other tourists gather for dinner. The quality of the camp depends on the service provider, if they gather 500 or 50 tourists. 

This safari experience comes under morning, evening, and overnight packages, where the costs vary from 200 AED to 1000 AED. 

  • Private Desert Safari

 A private safari offers a more personalized experience, and here, you get a private camping facility along with a personal guide for your safari rides that only caters to you. These packages are the most expensive and easily cost around 1000-1200 AED. 


A desert safari tour is among the top-rated tourist activities you can do in Dubai. Do try it on your visit to the city and we guarantee you will come back again. We hope this comprehensive guide helps you understand how to choose the ideal package for your tour. 

If you need any further guidance on package selection and booking, please contact Desert Planet Tourism llc Services. Check our services tab for detailed information on safari packages. 


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