Sand Sunsets and Thrills: The Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Private Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is a heaven for adventure lovers and there are numerous activities to do here on vacations and spend time with their loved ones. Private Desert Safari Dubai is quite popular on the list of various other tourist attractions that are available in this city. A desert safari trip gives a person an opportunity to understand the core of this place.

There is a wide range of activities here that will ensure you create memories for life, beginning with the thrilling adventure rides, cultural shows, and Buffet dinners. The Best Desert Safari Dubai tours are very much family-oriented and your children will enjoy it as well. This is a comprehensive guide on what you should expect from this ultimate adventure.

What Are The Best Activities to Enjoy on the Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Here is a brief list of the activities to enjoy on a desert safari adventure in Dubai deserts:

Dune Bashing Ride

Start your best desert safari Dubai journey with an exciting and adrenaline-inducing dune-bashing ride on a 4×4 Landcruiser. An expert driver will handle the vehicle and drive at a fast speed and carefully on the challenging desert terrain that is sure to jolt your mind.

Strap yourself to the seat belt to avoid any concussions, and bring along your camera as well the capture the best desert shots. Be careful; the dune bashing is not for faint-hearted persons. Consult your tour guide before riding if you have any medical complications.

Quad Biking

Once you have finished dune bashing, go on ATV quad bike rides with your friends and discover the secret parts of the desert. The 4-wheel vehicles are made in such a way to be able to deal with the difficult sand areas and offer maximum comfort and security of the rider.

Do not forget to use the safety equipment provided that is, a helmet, gloves, and goggles, which are meant to protect you from accidents and injuries.

Camel Riding

A desert safari in Dubai tour is incomplete without cultural encounters, which you must try out. Camel trekking is one such activity that lets you travel back in time to an era without buildings, and the natives would use camels as a means of transport for trade and also as a source of food at their camping site. The mind will definitely rest after the camel ride, which is slow and bumpy but authentic Bedouin. Riding on a camel is most appropriate during the Morning Desert Safari as the sun rises and all feels quiet in the air.

Sunset Views

The sunset views in deserts are quite breathtaking and something you should definitely not miss while you are on a safari trip. Go on top of a tall dune on your quad bike or camel to observe this natural phenomenon, and take your camera along to capture it.

See how the golden hues of sand change drastically as the sun goes down the horizon. Book evening safari tours for sunset views, and depending on the time of year, they usually happen around 5-7:00 PM.


Desert Safari Sandboarding

Sandboarding is another adventure activity you can enjoy on the desert safari tour. It’s similar to snowboarding but is done in a completely different setting in the middle of the desert compared to snow. You slide down from a tall dune (300-400 meters) in a dramatic way while trying to maintain your balance. An experience such as this will surely send chills down your spine.

There are different sandboards available in the desert according to the skill level of the visitors. Your tour operator can further guide you in selecting the best one for you.

A Relaxing Stay at the Campsite 

After you are done with your safari activities and feel tired, you can relax at a campsite on sofas decorated with local art and carpets on the floor, giving you a vibe of a true Bedouin home. Also, these camps are equipped with modern facilities like washrooms and air conditioners to provide maximum comfort to visitors.

In overnight desert safari tours, you can sleep in these luxury tents and wake up the next morning with the sun rising.

Campsite Entertainment and BBQ Dinner

At the campsite, during your stay, you get to enjoy various entertainment and dance shows performed by the locals that are sure to lighten up your mood. Tanoura and Belly dances are quite popular in Dubai deserts, and young, skillful artists dress up to perform on slow music in vibrant colors.

Afterward, you can feast on a buffet dinner prepared by expert chefs where you will be served local dishes like BBQ steak, kebabs, hummus platter, lamb chops, and much more. There are vegetarian items available as well for those who don’t like meat.


A Desert Safari Dubai is a must-try activity to do for your vacations. A unique and exciting experience with your family and loved ones such as this will surely give you a lifetime of memories you can cherish.

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