Choosing the Perfect Dubai Desert Safari Package

Dubai Desert Safari Package

Dubai desert adventures like desert safaris have become increasingly popular among tourists and locals. Due to this so many companies nowadays are offering Dubai Desert Safari Packages and services. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a perfect package among all the options these companies offer.

To help you with that here are some tips and suggestions to follow when choosing a package or deal for Dubai adventure tours. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Things to Remember When Choosing Dubai Desert Safari Package

Follow these five general steps when planning to book a desert safari deal for your group in Dubai:

Choosing Between the Safari Type

There are three types of desert safaris offered in Dubai that the tourists can choose from mainly

  • Morning Desert Safari: Morning safaris take place during the early hours of day around 8-9:00 AM. These are perfect for those who prefer to explore the desert in low temperatures and with lower crowds in the area.
  • Evening Desert Safari: Evening safaris happen around sunset, and compared to morning safari, they have more activities and are generally more exciting too. The last 6-7 hours and here guests can enjoy BBQ dinners, dance shows, and sunset views.
  • Overnight Desert Safari: The third most popular type of safari is the overnight desert safari. This safari is almost the same as evening but the main difference is here guests can spend a night in the camps and sleep while enjoying stargazing and wake up next morning to a beautiful sunrise view.

These are the three main types of safari tours to choose from. The choice of which one suits your requirements is up to you.

Book From a Well-Reputed Tour Company

When booking Top Desert Safari Deals In Dubai remember to always book from a well-reputed tour company. Such companies know very well how to conduct these tours and handle guest problems. Do an online research to find such companies and read their reviews and ratings from online websites and forums to get an idea of their services.

Don’t book from a company that has low ratings and negative reviews because you will not get the best value of money in such cases.

Customize the Safari Tour According to Your Preferences 

Customize the Safari Tour According to Your Preferences

Desert safari tours come in various budget and price ranges and you can even customize them according to your preferences. If some want to enjoy adventure and thrills, they can add activities like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel rides, and those who are not interested in such activities they choose campsite experiences.

Customizing your tour can reduce the overall costs and allow you to enjoy an extraordinary adventure. Also, many companies offer discounts and special offers to groups to see if you can find such deals for a good value for money.

Weather Considerations

Weather is an important factor to keep in mind when planning to go on a desert safari tour. The winter months are generally better because the temperatures are cooler and you have a relaxing experience. However, the winters are also peak tourist season and you might have difficulty getting a good deal because of increased prices and demand for the tour.

In summers the tourist count is low and prices are reduced as well, but the temperatures are very hot making it impossible to visit the desert and enjoy safari tours. So if you are going in summers please come extra prepared and drink plenty of water and also cover your skin.

Read our Ultimate Guide To Dubai Desert Safari for more tips on preparation for the summer season.

Private and Public Camps

The final thing to consider when booking desert safari tours is what type of camping experience you prefer. Generally, there are two types of camps available, namely: Private and Public. The public camps cost less but are more crowded and have no privacy.

The private camps, on the other hand, cost more, but here you can enjoy many VIP services like sofa seating, and table dining, and more importantly, the crowds are fewer, and even guests sometimes have the whole camp to themselves during the off-season.

The choice is yours between these two camp types. Choose the one that suits the overall group preferences.


Desert safari tours are arguably the must-have when visiting Dubai for vacation. These five tips can help you choose the best package that offers a cost-effective deal and memorable experience too.

If you have more questions, please call Desert Planet Tourism or check out our amazing deals and book your desired package right away.

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