Your Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari Experience: What to Expect

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

The Dubai Desert Safari Experience is for sure one of the best activities to do on vacations with friends and loved ones. These safari tours are fun, thrilling, and entertaining at the same time. More importantly, they are safe and everyone can participate in them regardless of their age or skill level.

Desert safaris are among the top Dubai adventure tours and millions of people that visit the city try these during their stay. Do plan a safari tour during your visit to the city, and we guarantee it will surely be a memorable experience. Here is what to expect during this tour.

Main Activities to Expect During the Dubai Desert Safari

Here are some main activities that tourists enjoy on desert safari tours:

Dune Bashing

The dune bashing ride is arguably the most popular and exciting activity to do on desert safari tours. These rides are conducted in 4×4 vehicles, which are usually Landcruisers or Pajeros. The tourists have the option to drive the vehicle themselves or take an expert driver for the ride and allow him to drive, and you can enjoy desert scenery and thrills in the backseat.

The experience is similar to riding a roller coaster due to the bumpy tracks in the desert. These rides are sure to pump you with adrenaline. Be aware this activity is not suitable for little children or those with heart problems.

Quad Biking

ATV quad biking is another fun and exciting activity to try on desert safari tours. The quad bikes are 4-wheel bikes designed to be driven on tough desert surfaces. They are fast, agile, and have a lightweight design, making them suitable for driving in the desert.

On Dubai safari tours, you can book quad biking at additional charges. They are usually not included in the standard packages. The duration will vary according to the charges you are willing to pay.

Also remember to wear the safety equipment when riding quad bikes which includes a helmet, gloves and goggles. For more safety tips regarding safari tours, please read our Ultimate Guide To Desert Safari Tours.


Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding, where you glide down from a tall dune using special wooden boards while balancing your body. The experience is very amazing and unique. You’ll certainly enjoy it.

Remember, there are tour guides available in the desert who can teach you the basics of sandboarding if this is your first time. So, no need to worry at all.

Sunrise and Sunset Views

Sunrise and Sunset Views

The sunrise and sunset views in the desert should not be missed at all. The safari tours offer the perfect chance to witness both of these phenomena up close and capture them on a camera. The Evening and Overnight tours are best for checking these views. Remember to bring a camera along, or you can hire a professional photographer from the tour company for an additional price.

Camel Riding

Other adventure and exploration rides the desert safaris in Dubai also present a perfect opportunity to experience the rich culture and lifestyle of the Arabs. The camel riding is one such activity that you can enjoy here and understand how the locals traveled in the past. The ride is slow and smooth and very contrasting compared to dune bashing and quad biking.

You can even visit camel farms in the desert and choose a camel of your liking. These tours are led by guides who will handle the camel and also ensure that you don’t fall or get injured.

Campsite Dance and Cultural Entertainment

Talking about the culture, the real fun begins at the desert campsite. After you are done with your desert activities, please head down to the campsite and enjoy captivating entertainment like dance shows like Belly dance, Tanoura dance and fire shows. You can even participate in these dances and enjoy memorable moments.

These camps are especially decorated in traditional style with carpets, cushions and furniture used in old times. You can upgrade to a premium option with sofa seating and table dining.

Some other cultural activities here include henna painting, falconry shows, and Arabic dress-up photography.

Delicious BBQ Dinner

On desert safaris, you also get a chance to eat a delicious BBQ dinner freshly prepared by the chefs. The dishes include many grilled dishes like kebabs, lamb chops, shish tawook, and sticks, as well as shawarma, hummus sauces, and a variety of juices.

The BBQ dinner is served on Evening and Overnight Desert safari packages. So when Choosing The Dubai Desert Safari Package remember to book from these two options. You can also customize it as per your requirements.


These are the main activities to expect on desert safari tours. You have the option to customize and include or exclude any activities. These tours are best enjoyed with families and groups of friends, so please remember to try them during your visit to the city. For more information and affordable packages, please contact Desert Planet Tourism

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