Family Fun in the Dunes: Crafting Memorable Moments on a Desert Safari

Private Desert Safari Dubai

A private desert safari Dubai tour is ideal for those looking for a family adventure with fun and entertainment. Sometimes people get bored with city activities, trying the same thing repeatedly and visiting the same place. Book a desert safari Dubai tour today to experience something new and unique that combines fun, adventure, and cultural entertainment away from city noise. 

Take your circle of relatives on this tour and create lasting memories as you travel through the sands and engage in diverse, adventurous activities. These include dune bashing, quad cycling, camel riding, hot air balloon riding, BBQ dinner on the campsite, and much more. 

A Desert Safari is the perfect opportunity to take the ruin out of your aggravating recurring everyday tasks and commercial enterprise dealings and loosen up with your family. Let’s examine this trip and why it is best for your family.

Exploring the Desert With Family on a Desert Safari ​

Here is a brief overview of what a desert safari adventure entails. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to travel through the Arabian desert that surrounds Dubai. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional customs and lifestyle of the desert. You will be driving 4×4 vehicles accompanied by an experienced guide to accomplish this.

Types of Desert Safari You Can Book in Dubai ​

Here are the most popular tours you can book for an off-road adventure with your family.

Morning Desert Safari 

An afternoon or evening desert safari may not be feasible for people with a limited schedule. In contrast, those who find booking an evening or night safari difficult may opt for an enthralling one. A morning desert safari typically begins around 9 a.m., and travellers are transported through big dunes by 4×4 wheel drive vehicles. Some start early, at 5 a.m., allowing the guests to witness the sunrise. 

Please see our service page for more information regarding the morning desert safari. 

Evening Desert Safari 

Even though a morning safari will truly be a memorable experience for your family, a desert safari evening tour is recommended to understand the experience. People with a long, relaxing evening ahead and are free from hectic schedules should consider taking an evening desert safari. An evening safari will begin around 2 – 3 PM (depending on sunset).

Overnight Desert Safari 

The dunes of Dubai offer a beautiful nightscape under the moonlight, so you should make the most of each moment. A desert safari overnight begins once the guests of the evening safari return from the campsite. A night safari allows you to observe the night sky of the Arabian Desert in its full glory. It is possible to set up your overnight tent and enjoy the tranquillity of the night. The overnight desert safari Dubai is an extended version of the evening desert safari; therefore, the activities listed are identical to those in the evening safari brochure. 

For more information about overnight desert safari and early booking, call our helpline at Desert Planet Tourism.

Private Desert Safari Dubai

The Best Adventure Activities to Enjoy with Your Family Desert Safari

Here is a list of the most popular activities to participate in with your family or loved ones while on a desert safari tour. 

  • The Exhilarating Adventure of Dune Bashing

Undeniably, the highlight of any desert safari is the adrenaline-pumping experience of dune bashing. Your pilot will provide you with an adrenaline-filled thrill as he manoeuvres the sandy crests. There is nothing more exhilarating and breathless than traversing the sand undulations.

  • Thrilling Quad Bike Ride On the Dunes 

In addition to dune bashing, you can go quad biking or sand biking after the experience to enjoy the open air while riding your 350cc quad bike and ploughing through the dunes. You can enjoy the Arabian sand sea surrounding you as you ride through the uneven terrain. A qualified guide will accompany you on the entire trip, and you will be provided with safety equipment.

  • Sandboarding Activity 

Another thrilling activity that you can try is sandboarding. It’s not the same as quad biking or dune bashing, but it’s equally exciting. You can call it a sand version of snowboarding because you use a wooden board to surf on the high and low dunes of the desert. 

Sandboarding allows you to learn new skills as you try to balance your body on a specially designed-board. Remember to wear a helmet and gloves to avoid any injuries to your body.  

  • An Enchanting Sunrise and Sunset Views

Desert sunrises are among the most popular sites among travellers. Its naked horizons and endless dunes further enhance the enchanting nature of the region. A glimpse of the enchanting beauty of the desert is provided by the warm orange hues of shifting dawn enveloping the horizons. This opportunity is ideal for enjoying quiet time with your family in a light, breezy, and cool environment before starting your day.

  • A Relaxing Ride on a Camel

Nothing is more adventurous than riding a camel through a bumpy desert in Dubai. The ride usually lasts 30-45 minutes as you ride across Dubai’s vast desert in peace, observing the wildlife around you and experiencing how local Arabs travelled in the past. 

Book a separate camel for each family member to ride across the highest dune point, observe the sunrise and sunset views, and capture memorable photographs. 

  • Observing the Stars in the Desert 

The desert safari experience in Dubai is unsurpassed regarding the best night experiences. When the sun sets, the night sky of the Arabian Desert comes alive with celestial events and stellar displays. 

During your desert camp stay, you can relax and enjoy complimentary snacks and Arabian coffee while you observe the stars. Under the canopy of stars, the desert’s tranquil atmosphere will help you relax after a day of adventure. You can observe various animal species once the day’s heat settles down. A quiet desert atmosphere contrasts sharply with Dubai’s city extravagant lifestyle.

  • Nights full of events

Visiting the desert during the day can be a thrilling experience; however, the nighttime entertainment makes it one of the best places to visit in Dubai. An evening desert safari Dubai experience is made even more enjoyable by the wide range of entertainment options, including flamenco, stilt walking, and belly dancing. 

Indulge in the most traditional cultures of the desert in luxurious tents, with exotic barbeque dinners and mouth watering Mid-Eastern delicacies. 

Belly dancing performed by practitioners of the highest standard under a star-decked sky brings to life the true splendour of the setting. Tourists can enjoy a memorable camping experience in the Dubai desert – an exotic camping experience carefully crafted to give them a lifetime memory.

  • A Comfortable and Safe Camping Experience

At Desert Planet Tourism, we are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort. Our desert camp offers you and your family a memorable vacation experience with modern facilities and an attentive staff. The facility provides spacious tents with luxurious bedding, clean restrooms, and an array of delicious meals prepared with the utmost attention.

  • Gourmet Extravaganza Featuring Arabic Cuisine

Family Desert Safari Dubai serves up sumptuous Arabic cuisine and thrilling adventures for those searching for adventure. Experience the flavour of succulent grilled meats, mouthwatering kebabs, aromatic rice, and mouth watering desserts such as baklava and kunafa at a lavish buffet.

Entertainment Performances For To Enjoy With Your Family on Desert Safari

Cultural shows

Explore the fascinating cultural performances of Arabian traditions and immerse yourself in its rich tapestry of traditions. Take part in captivating presentations of traditional Bedouin dances and songs.

Henna PaintYou can observe various animal species once

Put some henna on your fing elegance. The Arabic art shape allows you to embrace the splendour of a traditional way of life while creating stunning designs that reflect your unique style and taste.


Take a journey back in time and consider a way of life that was historically searching. Falconry is an artistic endeavour with a long and rich history that allows visitors to understand the relationship between falcon and falconer.

Belly dancing

Don’t miss out on the enthralling performances of belly dancing. The glamorous steps of the dancers and the inviting melodies create a spell-binding atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Family-Friendly Experiences

Dubai wüstensafari offers a variety of activities suitable for every age group, ensuring that each individual has a memorable experience.

Children’s Activities in For Desert Safari

A treasure hunt

Invent exciting quests for your little ones inside the desert to keep them engaged. Discover hidden treasures and solve riddles to encourage exploration and problem-solving abilities.

Building sandcastles

Build sandcastles in the wilderness to nourish their creative side. Developing something from scratch is a rewarding experience with an unlimited supply of tender sand.

Visits to camel farms

You can delight your children with a visit to a camel farm, where they can get up close and personal with those gentle animals. Look at what they do, record, and their role in Arabian culture.

Private esert Safari In Dubai

Family Bonding Opportunities in Desert Safari Tour

Dress up like a traditional Arabic

Don traditional Arabic clothing to commemorate recollections and get a taste of the culture. Families will benefit from this unique experience by experiencing local culture and taking lasting photographs.

Images of groups 

With the help of organization image classes, you can preserve the adventure collectively. Forge memories of happiness, laughter, and adventure to ensure you will love and cherish forever.

Delicious Arabian cuisine

No wilderness safari is complete without sampling Dubai’s delicious traditional Arabian cuisine. Enjoy a wonderful deal while you pattern a meal from the local cuisine as you savor a lovely deal.

Preparing for the Desert Safari Tour

Now that we know that desert safari is exciting and fun, you must come prepared to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are a few important things to remember:

  • Don’t Take Any Extra Clothing

Dress comfortably and in light clothing for this trip. During the Morning Desert Safari, there is no need to wear additional layers. When it is hot during the day, this extra clothing can contribute to feeling suffocated. 

It is also recommended that you pack your bags carefully. Don’t overload your bag with extra clothes that will probably be stolen later. Keep everything light. Usually, carrying heavy bags causes you to become tired fairly early in the day. It should be noted, however, that desert camping in Dubai can be quite cold during the evenings. Keeping a light shawl or socks in the bag to wear at night is possible. 

  • Following Your Guide Instructions

Some individuals become rigid and wish to carry out their plans. Camping in a barren place like the desert makes you easily lose your way. Furthermore, some individuals going on the tour for the first time do not know how to manage activities like camel riding in Dubai or quad biking.  

Therefore, you should carefully listen and follow the advice given by your instructor. On a desert tour in Dubai, it is important to adhere to the rules since they can never harm you. 

  • Don’t Take Any Extra Luggage

It is a well-known fact that carrying extra items can be difficult. You become constantly concerned about this responsibility. Many activities, such as camel rides in Dubai, can be difficult when you have a lot of extra bags on your back. Therefore, only bring the essentials when taking a desert tour in Dubai, like a camera, tripod, water bottles, and small snacks. 

  • Bring Your Medicines 

While on the desert tour in Dubai, you should always carry the essential medications. It is a trip to the middle of nowhere. When there is a medical problem, it can take a long time to receive treatment. So, if you are ill or fear that your family members might get sick, pack the necessary medicines. You can also inform the support team at the campsite about any medical conditions you or your loved ones might have. Our staff at Desert Planet Tourism will fully help you in this regard. 

Some people, however, generally experience nausea or even vomit after a dune-bashing or quad-biking ride. Be sure to keep medications on hand in case of such an emergency; further, these rides are unsuitable for kids below 13. 

  • Prepare Yourself For an Exciting Journey

There are many adventures on the Desert Safari. You should not take these rides if you have a heart condition, as they can cause an adrenaline rush. Young people enjoy quad biking as one of their favourite activities. Therefore, before your desert tour of Dubai, ensure you are physically and mentally prepared.

Additionally, you can camp in the desert in Dubai. Having a barbecue and dancing performances in the middle of the desert is a fascinating experience. 

  • Take Sunscreen With You

You should bring sunscreen to participate in the morning or evening desert safari. Most of us are concerned about the appearance of poor tans when wearing clothing. Additionally, sun rays can negatively impact the health of your skin and cause several illnesses. Hence, sunscreen should be applied to the exposed areas after a few hours and reapplied as needed. 

  • Prepare for the Camping Trip

It is advisable to keep an extra shawl on hand for the night. Camping is always fun with family members. If you wish to plan a night excursion in Dubai, you can carry some extra snacks, movies, or plan some games. The desert camping Dubai is ideal for relaxing with your children and spouse after a fun-filled adventure. 


Well, we can conclude that a Desert Safari Dubai is a fun activity with your family on your vacation. It combines adventure and cultural activities in a package you will surely remember for a long time. 

After reading this exciting blog, we hope you are convinced to try the desert safari tour, so what are you waiting for? Contact Desert Planet Tourism today to book a suitable package. 

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